Tourist Attractions in New Delhi

Indian tradition has blessed the capital city of India with so many religious shrines. Delhi is globally famous for its many ancient religious shrines. Delhi is known for its many ancient architectural temples. These antique Hindu Temples be a must to see in Delhi which is embellished by exquisite artwork of local as well as foreign artists. A colorful tradition of Durga Puja is celebrated at these temples and a devotee follows this religious ceremony to get close to their god. All these temples have a significance in Hindu religion and is a must visit places.

temples in delhi

The Jain Temples is another important attraction of Delhi. These temples have their own sanctuaries where devotees visit every year to offer prayers. Some of the best Jain temples in Delhi are Goddess Temple, Ekadash Rudra Temple, Ram Manohar Temple and Anand Sagar Temple. Every year these temples play the role of a great festival, when devotees come to pray and take part in the colorful events.

Another temple that needs to be mentioned is the Hanuman Temple located at Connaught Place. This temple, which was built centuries back by the great Lord Krishna is one of the most visited shrines in Delhi. The main deity of this temple is none other than Lord Krishna. This temple is believed to be the oldest among all the temples. It possesses a shining image of the great lord sitting on a mountain and enthroned. One of the most important deities depicted in this divine painting is none other than goddess Lakshmi, who is the daughter of Heaven.

The third largest Jain temple is the Adhra Jain Temple located at Puri. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and the patron deity is none other than Goddess Lakshmi. Adhra Jain shrines are very popular among the Hindus as well as the people belonging to different religions. They come to know about the deities being worshiped in this temple during their visit to Delhi every year. There is a sizable population of Jain devotees in Delhi who take leave from their homes and travel long distances just to get near this temple.

The fourth jain temple that needs to be mentioned is the Lord Brahma Temple located at Vrindavan. This temple was built by the renowned Jains of Vedic period. It is built with the help of the sandalwood and is a grand structure with a massive building all around which is constructed in gold. The major deity inside this temple is none other than goddess Lakshmi, who is considered as the ultimate divine being.

Last but not the least is the fourteenth century Hindu temple of Babaji located at Amaranth. This is a small Hindu temple that is constructed with the help of Babaji’s own cart. It has a small deity who is very famous among the Hindus and is worshiped for his almighty qualities. These are some of the most famous Hindu temple deluxe in Delhi that is constructed with exquisite architectural designs and renowned Hindu religious statues and shrines that are one of the prime tourist attractions of New Delhi.

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