Hotels in Delhi – A City Full of Spas and Gardens

Delhi is the capital of India and has a lot of tourist attractions for the visitors. Apart from being the country’s capital, Delhi also has many other interesting locations that is why it is one of the most preferred destinations by the foreign tourists. Here we will list some popular and famous hotels in Delhi:

Hotels in delhi

One of the best examples of five-star luxury hotels in India is the Leela Palace on Rangreth Street. This hotel is famous for providing the ultimate experience of luxury and comfort to its guests. It has been offering its guests world class infrastructure along with world-class services from its well appointed rooms. The hotel is equipped with marble floors, world class entertainment centres, conference rooms and all kinds of luxuries including swimming pool and spa.

The Green Park is one of the best hotels in Delhi. The hotel is centrally located in the heart of Delhi and is one of the finest examples of luxury hotels in India. The hotel overlooks Yamuna Lake and is surrounded by lush green surroundings. The Green Park is one of the top three choices among the luxury hotels in Delhi that has won several awards and is one of the best hotels in India that meets all your needs for relaxation, hospitality and service.

Another famous five star hotel in Delhi is the Taj Palace on Rangreth Street. This palace is renowned among the visitors and the locals alike for its extraordinary architecture. Built on the ancient Jain architectural style, it is embellished with sculptures, murals and is adorned with the best of furniture and fabrics. The Taj is well equipped with a fitness centre and swimming pool. If you are looking for a luxury hotel in Delhi then Taj Palace is one of your best options. It is one of the most expensive and chic hotels but offers world-class accommodation at the best rates.

There are many other five-star hotels and boutique hotels in Delhi to choose from. These include ITC Maratha, Taj Mahal Palace, Laksa Hotel and Sheraton Ashok Hotel. These are some of the best hotels in Delhi but it depends on your budget as to which one you will pick. The budget hotels in Delhi however are good enough to offer you all the basic facilities at the cheapest rates.

The best part about staying in any of these hotels in Delhi is that you get to enjoy delicious cuisine and authentic Indian and foreign dishes right in your room. The cuisine of north India is famous for its mouth watering street food, and you can relish on a variety of traditional dishes as well as modern delicacies in most of these hotels in Delhi. Most hotels also have a garden or a courtyard outside their premises. In such a case you can take ample benefit from these gardens. Hiring chefs to prepare your meals will not cost you much, and will be an enjoyable experience if you like to explore different cultures.

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